Hi, my name is Nichlas, but you can call me Nick.

I’ve started this quite ambitious project.

I want to become a rich man and retire early.

Who am I?

I live in Denmark and I have a marketing job at Kids-world.dk with a modest income. I come from a normal working-class family.

In Denmark, we are, basically, all part of the 1 percent richest people in the world, due to our welfare systems and extremely high minimum wages.

That is all good, but it also means that we have the highest taxes in the world. Living here is also costly, as this is one of the most expensive countries in the world.

That means I am a part of an economy where you don’t really have to work to survive, but it is pretty hard to stand out.

As of today, everyone in Denmark is entitled to retirement, but I firmly believe that this system cannot survive. At least not at the level it is today. Partly because of the rising age average, and also because we have more people in Denmark who live off our welfare system, than tax-payers who put money in it.

In short, I got my inspiration from SmartPassiveIncome.com, which together my ambition and the vision of where the Danish system and economy are headed to, pushed me to arm myself to live better than the average senior citizen in my country.

So, how can I achieve my goal?

I believe it is possible for me to accumulate wealth over time, by investing time and money in learning what I can about the stock market.

I have previously invested only small amounts in the stock market, but not enough to make a lot of money for my personal economy.

Now it is time to get serious!

My attempt is to get rich by investing in stocks.

I will also invest all income generated from this site.

I plan on doing this by seeking out information from books and on the internet. I will also take you with me on my journey, and you will be able to follow my progress and numbers, both ups and downs.

I have promised myself that I will post an update on my current net worth at least once a month.

Here is my plan!

From the very start I set up some rules for myself to follow. The rules might change as time passes, but right now this is my plan.

1. I will learn more about investing in stocks.

I am a novice!

I have no financial education, which means that I’ll have to be my own teacher.

The good news is that there is a ton of knowledge available out there, so by reading books and blogs I plan to enhance my abilities and learn more about investing in stocks.

You can follow my learning progress and read my Investment Book Reviews here.

I’ve also laid out a page where you can find my list of related Investment Blogs here.

2. I will invest all income from this site into stocks.

I plan on expanding my portfolio with all income I can generate from this site.

Be it advertising (not a big fan) or e-books etc.

Monetizing the web is something everybody does, and I plan on doing it, too.

3. I will not sell any stocks before i retire.

Read more about why I don’t sell stocks.

I know this rule might change over time, but at least for now, this is the plan.

4. I will keep you updated at least once a month.

If you follow the section of my website called “Investment Reports” you will be able to follow my journey in numbers.

You can subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated with my investment reports.

My own money was not enough

There is, of course, no guarantee that I will reach my goals. However, I am fully determined, and I can promise you that I will do anything it takes, in order to make it happen.

Unfortunately, my interests and my yearning to earn money surpassed what I could do with my own money. Because of that reason, when I started this project in the spring of 2016, I applied for a loan from the bank of approx. $6.800. I also got an additional investment of $6.800 from my bosses at my workplace as a marketing consultant.

As it turned out, my application for a loan was rejected, but I was blessed with my bosses’ best wishes, and I have been given the opportunity to work on documenting my journey to building a fortune

I guess they hope that I can learn something, which I can use in my day-job. And I guess they didn’t want to miss out in case I actually achieve my dreams.

How much money do I need to retire?

There isn’t a fixed amount of money i need to retire, because in Denmark we have a secure system.

The system do so if you have used all your money, the state of Denmark will pay for your retirement.

That system get some Danes to relax and and spend all their money, so when they get old, they need the state of Denmark to pay for the rest of their lives.

I have the mind set that, I will pay for myself my whole life.

Furthermore I’m pretty sure that we dont have that system in Denmark when I get older, when I’m around 70 years old.

At what age do I plan to retire?

In denmark the normal age to retire in, is when you are between 60 and 70 years old.

My dream is, that I can retire in the age of 55.

Why investing in retirement?

The first and biggest reason is, I have always been fascinated by the stock market, so I’m blessed for getting the opportunity to invest in the markets.

The second reason is, that I don’t wanna work hard my whole life.

Ready as I will ever be!

Even though I didn’t get my loan my path is set.

Now it is time to see how far i can take it.

My current investment status

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