I dont sell my stocks

Don’t sell your stocks.

I have not yet sold any of my stocks nor do I intend to do.

But why?

Why I don’t sell my stocks

In general I dont sell stocks because people with most patience often win the market.

Don’t sell stocks

Don’t sell stocks also include that you dont use money you could need for other than investment usage in the near future.

A good idea could therefor be: that you take a fixed amount of your income and place it in investments.

Long-term investments

That means that you should only invest in long term stocks. Because very long time investments isn’t that sensitive for bad news as short term investments.

And do not confuse short term investments with the term shorting a stock. There are a very big different between the two investment types, you can read more about it here.

Grow your portfolio with no sells

All the points you have read above will lead to, you growing your portfolio without no sells and you will still get your early retirement.

Of course you can read the market wrong and take the wrong stock into your portfolio, in that situation, you should of course sell it before you take the very big loss.