+120 Investment Websites

This is a list of more than a hundred investment websites from all over the world. Please contact me at nick@stocknick.com to get yours here if your investment blog is missing.

Why making this list?

A part of my journey to retire earlier, is to always seek knowledge.

…I need to keep learning.

In the past, all you needed was a library and time to read.

But now you should really consider including blogs in your research. Most of book-authors today also has blogs with extended information about their subjects.

I am still going to read books. You can take a look at my investment book reviews here.

Here is a list of blogs, with a short description and subjects.

The list is not a ranked list, the order is completely random.

Take a look… Maybe you’ll find a new favourite ūüôā

#1: 1500 days

His goal is very ambitious. By February of 2017, his family won’t have debt and they will reach 1.200.000$ for their retirement. You can see the progress of his portfolio and how it is the situation with those companies. The articles are clear and easy to understand. The writer also writes about other blogs because he is¬†open-minded and wants to learn from othersinvestment website

Website Tagline: Investing to reach financial independence
Investment Subjects: Financial freedom, personal finance, investing
Investment website: 1500days.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @retirein1500

#2: 2 million blog

The website has had appearances in ‘YahooFinance’ and ‘Business Week’. The ambitious goal is to have 2.000.000$ in net worth so he can reach a financial freedom that means a good retirement. The articles are clear and easy simple to understand, they include a detailed table and the highlights of the month.investment website

Website Tagline: Financial independence
Investment Subjects: Financial freedom, investments, stock, personal finance
Investment website: 2millionblog.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @2million

#3: 20s Finances

He describes his personal experiences and know-how about finances. Carey is living a frugal lifestyle and gives advice to young people that need a hand choosing a good job, financing their studies, managing money, investing, budgeting… Organising priorities and understanding the choices you have is what this blog giinvestment websiteves you.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, blogging
Investment website: 20sfinances.com
Author: Corey
Twitter: @20sFinances

#4: 20s Money

This website is focused on helping young people to plan their future. Advising what is not desirable for people in their early adult life. Using a friendly approach the writer explains how to create secondary income sources for example online income that has a¬†lower risk for the investor. One of the categories that you can find in the blog is ‚ÄėSelf-employed‚Äô, the goal is to help to be independent and to have secure finances.investment website

Website Tagline: Some advice for your finance when you’re in your 20s
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, online income
Investment website: 20smoney.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: None

#5: 50 Plus Finance

This website is targeted to people over 50 years old that want to retire with some money in the bank. David helps people with their daily life with some tips. It is never too late to start investing or to manage your income and expenses that are why the writer explains in a simple and clear way how to do so. investment website

Website Tagline: Financial tips when you’re over 50
Investment Subjects: Blogging, saving, insurance
Investment website: 50plusfinance.com
Author: David Leto
Twitter: None

#6: A Wealth Of Common Sense

Like The Reformed Broker, Ben Carlson the author of this blog and the book by the same name works at Ritholtz Wealth Management.

Ben writes about the stock market in general and provides sound, and simple investing insights. Bens website is also updated often and beautiful to look at.investment website

Website Tagline: None
Investment Subjects: Asset Management, Investments, Financial Markets
Investment website: AWealthOfCommonSense.com
Author: Ben Carlson
Twitter: @awealthofcs

#7: Aaron Hung

The writer helps you improve your blog and how to invest or spend money, for example, it also explains that it is necessary to have an emergency fund. Not every day is a good day. In addition, the website is well written and the articles will benefit every person who wants to improve their personal finance since your portfolioinvestment website til your mortgage.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Blogging, investment, business, personal finance
Investment website: aaronhung.com
Author: Aaron Hung
Twitter: None

#8: Afford Anything

This well organised and well-written blog by an American journalist is about how to achieve financial freedom. She focuses on the real estate market because that is the way she chose to earn passive income after deciding she didn’t want to work again in something demotivating. She also has some articles showing how you can have a productive and effective life.investment website

Website Tagline: Financial freedom
Investment Subjects: Passive income, investments, real estate
Investment website: affordanything.com
Author: Paula Pant
Twitter: @affordanything

#9: Akosi Allan

He was an average person regarding salary, he had to save money so he could have a nice wedding and he had debts. But he decided that was enough, so he invested time learning, getting knowledge so he could work in what he likes, cutting his debt and having a salary of 1000$ per week.investment website

Website Tagline: Giving motivation 

Investment Subjects: Business, blogging, investment
Investment website: akosiallan.com
Author: Allan
Twitter: None

#10: Aleph Blog

This website is very much about the authors perspective of different markets. The news are very interesting because of his writing skills and he is even giving some good tools you can use when you get started on your investing career, for example, his post of “Estimating Future Stock Returns”.

Why estimate future return?

It is always a good idea to create a goal and do some analysis of the stock that you are considering investing in. When you have your goal and you have made at least one analysis of the stock (the more analysis the better) it is a good idea to look if anybody you trust has the same conclusion as you, it is of course always best to trust yourself. The more analysis you can make by yourself the better and, therefore, it is very nice than other investors, investment websites explain how they analyse a stock, so you can do different stock analysis when investing in a new stock.investment website

Website Tagline: Helping institutions and ordinary people invest better by focusing on risk control
Investment Subjects: General investment news
Investment website: AlephBlog.com
Author: David Merkel
Twitter: None

#11: Amateur Asset Allocator

If you are thinking about investing this blog will guide through every first thought you have in the beginning. He is being honest about investing, it will take a while until you can say yes to start the adventure but with the tools he gives you have less possibility of making a mistake.investment website

Website Tagline: Invest as soon as you can
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, investments, frugality, economy
Investment website: amateurassetallocator.com
Author: Kyle Bumpus
Twitter: None

#12: Andrew Hallam

The author of the bestsellers ‚ÄėMillionaire Teacher‚Äô and ‚ÄėThe Global Expatriate‚Äôs Guide To Investing‚Äô and is the writer of this website. Andrew is focusing on investments for expatriate people of different nationalities such as Australians, Canadians and British between others. And he believes a financial advisor can help you to build a portfolio for low-cost indexing.investment website

Website Tagline: Invest and save as soon as you can
Investment Subjects: Blogging, retiring, investment
Investment website: andrewhallam.com
Author: Andrew Hallam
Twitter: @aphallam

#13: Automatic Finances

This website has an e-book that you can download to track your spendings, growing your net worth and saving for the future. Retirement, investing, what is good for you and the reasons. He even gives you some advice about what tools will improve your finance.investment website

Website Tagline: Blog about finances
Investment Subjects: Investments, saving
Investment website: automaticfinances.com
Author: Jason Unger
Twitter: @junger

#14: Barefoot Investor

Scott has been voted ‚ÄėAustralia‚Äôs most trusted finance expert‚Äô and writes in two national newspapers. His website is targeted to the average people and he explains in a clear and frankly way from how to prepare a budget till the current financial situation of his country. This website also has a section where you can participate and ask questions to Scott Pape which is the author of this blog.investment website

Website Tagline: Guide to financial success
Investment Subjects: Investments, financial education, blogging
Investment website: barefootinvestor.com
Author: Scott Pape
Twitter: None

#15: Blogging Away Debt

The bloggers of this website want to get rid of debt. Saving is important and with the help of these several couples you can do it. Here you also can find personal articles about their lives. Although in the end it always concerns about finances and giving advice so you can improve and keep motivated.investment website

Website Tagline: Giving motivation
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, blogging,
Investment website: bloggingawaydebt.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: None

#16: Bond Vigilantes

The writers of this website have a job, being vigilantes. They will keep you updated about identifying declining trends in companies, as well as that of governments. The articles will be about inflation, bond, interest rates and economy. A curiosity of the blog is that you can find the articles in several languages. The writers use a simple language but it is needed a base knowledge about finances and the markets.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Finance, economy, investment, news
Investment website: bondvigilantes.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: None

#17: Broke Millennial

She has written for ‚ÄėBusiness Insider‚Äô between other and she feels passionate about building wealth and understanding money, that is the reason for this website. She provides with financial advice for everyone who doesn‚Äôt know too much about the issue. She writes personal experiences to explain basic financial concepts with humour and for young people.investment website

Website Tagline: Finance through personal experiences
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, investments
Investment website: brokemillennial.com
Author: Erin
Twitter: @BrokeMillennial

#18: Budget For Wealth

The author has a degree in Business Administration but because of the financial crisis in 2008, Long wasn’t able to find a job. However, he decided to start a blog. Coming from a poor family, this website will help everyone to build wealth with all the strategies and tools that are normally not available to everyone. The website counts with tutorials such as how to add a savings account, how to add a 401k – 403b or 457 account and a mortgage account.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, investment, blogging
Investment website: phamilyman.com
Author: Long
Twitter: None

#19: Budgets Are sexy

This website is written in a very informal way that makes the reading very entertaining. Budgeting is the main purpose of the blog and he teaches you how to reduce costs having a minimalistic life. He has an interesting category on the blog called ‚Äėexperiments‚Äô and it means that he invests or saves money using a platform and then he analyses and writes a review of them. His main goal is to retire and be a¬†millionaire.investment website

Website Tagline: Budgeting, investing and reducing cost to become a millionaire
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, budgeting
Investment website: budgetsaresexy.com
Author: J. Money
Twitter: @budgetsaresexy

#20: Cait Flanders

She paid all her debt and showed her journey on the website. However, once she was done with her debt the blog has evolved and now it explains her decision to have a minimalist life and her two-year shopping ban. Her story has been shared by Forbes, Huffington Post, Yahoo! and more. In addition, she also has a podcast show to talk about personal finance, how to react to financial emergencies and more personal issues.investment website

Website Tagline: Less is more
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, debt, saving
Investment website: caitflanders.com
Author: Cait
Twitter: @caitflanders

#21: Cash The Checks

Your daily life can be expensive but with Edwin articles giving tips on how to manage cash, save and spend money, it won’t be very difficult to have a good relationship with money. Explaining the basic strategies of how to invest, how to deal with your taxes or how to buy a house, you will have a better personal finance with this website.investment website

Website Tagline: How to change behaviour and create new habits
Investment Subjects: Savings, reduce debt and expenses
Investment website: cashthechecks.com
Author: Edwin
Twitter: @cashthechecks

#22: CashVille Skyline

This clean, organised website is about Kate trying to get financial freedom. Kate is building a portfolio and for more information she shows you her net worth so you can see the evolution and also her budgets. She wants to pursue a life where she can control the amount of work she wants to do and where she wants to do it. So passive income and freelancing is the solution for her.investment website

You need to live life and not to be unhappy trying to save money.

Website Tagline: Financial independence
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, financial freedom,
Investment website: cashvilleskyline.com
Author: Kate Dore
Twitter: @CashvilleSky

#23: Color Me Frugal

Achieving dreams are not easy and it requires a lot of work, persistence and planning. She will teach you to have a frugal life in order to have a great life. The articles are targeted to everyone so she writes easy and clear. The goal of her website is to inspire, for instance, to start a blog so you can improve your income or how to eliminate your debt. In addition, her blog is in the Top Finance Blogs (Modest Money).investment website

Tagline: Personal finance
Investment Subjects: Financial freedom, debt, frugal
Investment website: colormefrugal.com
Author: Dee
Twitter: @ColorMeFrugal

#24: Contrarian Edge

This blog is very much about the author Vitaliy Katsenelson and what he does and finds interesting. He has some nice writing skills and perspectives on many things and, therefore, his blog is interesting. His perspective on stocks news and the different markets is very interesting but he is always reflecting on what had happened and not what is happening right now.

If you go through the blog/website you will find many articles, that get you thinking. And articles that get you thinking is some of the best reading in the world, because it is here when you find yourself and what you believe in.investment website

Website Tagline: None
Investment Subjects: Financial perspectives
Investment website: ContrarianEdge.com
Author: Vitaliy Katsenelson
Twitter: @vitaliyk

#25: Control Your Cash

Betty and Greg have a book named ‚ÄėControl Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense‚Äô. The writers of this website have written the articles in a friendly and comprehensive style. You can read about alternatives to 401(k), how to know if your investments are too aggressive, and just to think twice before jumping.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, blogging, investment
Investment website: controlyourcash.com
Author: Betty Kincaid and Greg McFarlane
Twitter: None

#26: Crossing Wall Street

Eddy’s blog has been around since 2005, and he is giving advice in how to invest for personal investors. One of his key mantras for new investors is to buy and hold stocks on great companies.

I share the opinion that holding stocks for a longer period of time is something investors really don’t do enough. As Eddy explains the stock market is up 145000% since world war 2 so by never selling stocks in evergreen long lasting companies, you are more certain to do well.investment website

Website Tagline: Your guide to Financial Success – Hosted by Eddy Elfenbein
Investment Subjects: Stocks, Company valuations, Gold and silver.
LinInvestment websitek: CrossingWallstreet.com
Author: Eddy Elfenbein
Twitter: @EddyElfenbein

#27: Darwins Money

Keep updated, learn, adapt and then achieve your goals, that is what this blogger promotes. The website is divided into different categories such as stocks, banking, taxes, career…Giving information about the diverse ways of investing and how to save in your daily life for everyone.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, blogging
Investment website: darwinsmoney.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @EverydayFinance

#28: Debt Discipline

He had 109.000$ worth of debt and after four years he and his family were debt free. They have been interviewed by ‘Business Insider’, ‘YahooFinance’ and other websites.¬†Now they are focused on building an emergency fund, retirement savings, and college funds for their kids. Brian writes articles that are interesting for everyone such as investments, taxes, college loans,¬†retirement and he helps them with infographics.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, investments
Investment website: debtdiscipline.com
Author: Brian
Twitter: @DebtDiscipline

#29: Dinks Finance

This website is focused on new couples that are living together and have to start a financial life or once you are married and how to reach your common financial objectives. This couple already reached the 1.000.000$ net worth and they are increasing it. The blog has several categories such as managing money, real estate and credit cards. The articles about investment have an easy style and are very clear so everyone can understand.investment website
Website Tagline: Finances for couples
Investment Subjects: Personal finances, insurance, investment
Investment website: dinksfinance.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: @dinks_finance

#30: Dividend Growth Investor

This website focuses on dividends and stocks, and it is targeted for investors that already know the market. Investing is not simple but the blog is written in a clearly way and in detailed, giving you good data to understand better the markets and the best dividends growth stocks.investment website

Website Tagline: Get financial independent investing
Investment Subjects: Dividends, investments, stock
Investment website: dividendgrowthinvestor.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: None

#31: Dividend Mantra

He has been interview for Yahoo! and more relevant bloggers. Spending less means saving more, having a simple life go hand in hand with freedom. The author has a book called ‘The Dividend Mantra Way!’ to make a summary of all the question that a lot of the readers wanted to know. The author gives a list of books that can be interesting for investors and some tools to help you start investing. The articles are well written in a simple, concise and clear way for the average people.investment website

Website Tagline: Helping the amateurs investors to become better
Investment Subjects: Financial independence, personal finance, saving, frugality, investment
Investment website: dividendmantra.com
Author: Jason Fieber
Twitter: @DividendMantra

#32: Dividend Ninja

Investing is so simple with ‚ÄėThe ninja‚Äô. You can find information in a clear and concise way. Knowing about taxation, stocks, investing little by little until you become a shareholder like ‚ÄėThe ninja‚Äô. There are articles that can help you find out how EFTs work and with the help of different writers you can find a wide range of articles.investment website

Website Tagline: Investing like a ninja
Investment Subjects: Investment
Investment website: dividendninja.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: @DividendNinja

#33: DIY Investor UK

Joe is the author of four e-books about personal finance, investing and pensions. He tries to reach to everyone and contributes with his knowledge and experiences being a small investor. Unmotivated with the financial industry because he saw there was too much interest in selling and not advising, Joe decided to help you not to make the same mistakes he did and talk about the basics that you need to know to start investing, his portfolio and the way he generates income.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, investment,
Investment website: diyinvestoruk.blogspot.dk
Author: Joe
Twitter: @johnhulton

#34: Dr. Housing Bubble

So this site is basically a “Cry wolf” site about the housing bubble. The subjects of the posts are¬†about spotting when houses are rising even though¬†they shouldn’t. This is a very¬†American blog, so I haven’t really read it much, but it has a high number of comments to the blogs and it looks like a great number of readers.investment website

Website Tagline: How i learned to love SoCal and forget the housing bubble
Investment Subjects: Housing market, Financial Crisis, American housing
Investment website: DoctorHousingBubble.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: None

#35: Empowered Dollar

She is a financial education consultant. In the website, she promotes investment, work from home and for example doing your own budgets with the help of software, while at the same time she also expresses her passion for drawing, using infographics or explanatory videos. The articles are well written and targeted for everyone.investment website

Website Tagline: Personal finance
Investment Subjects: Blogging, personal finance, investment
Investment website: empowereddollar.com
Author: Stephanie Halligan
Twitter: @StephHalligan

#36: Enough Wealth

This website describes the personal finance of the author, monthly reports of his net worth with charts and tables. The writer describes in an accurate way his portfolio and the situation of the markets that make his net worth increase or decrease. He is very transparent with numbers so you would be able to see even his budget for 2016. This allows keeping a track of his activity and learn about it.investment website

Website Tagline: Personal finance
Investment Subjects: Blogging, finance, stocks
Investment website: enoughwealth.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: None

#37: Epic Finances

Educate yourself before investing, that is what the writer tells you on this website. This website is about money in general, investing and saving but for people with general understanding about the market. Anyway, giving financial tips is the main point for the author and he is doing it in a simple and clear way.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Investments, personal finance
Investment website: epicfinances.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: None

#38: Eyes On The Dollar

Every person has to start from the beginning, although sometimes it is not easy to realise where is the start. With this blog, you can find the steps. Debt is an important issue and more important staying out of debt. In addition, investing is another step and there are different ways of doing it and real estate is the one Kim chose. The articles are easy to read and entertaining.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, blogging, investment
Investment website: eyesonthedollar.com
Author: Kim
Twitter: @Eyesonthedollar

#39: FI Fighter

The author created a portfolio to reach financial freedom quite soon, at the age of 31. Passive income is what the writer got, investing in precious metals, real estate… The website is divided into categories of all the investments and with detailed tables and charts.¬†If you need the¬†motivation to start investing you’re on the right blog, specifically go to ‘Post-FI’ category.investment website

Website Tagline: Financial independence
Investment Subjects: Financial freedom, personal finance, investments
Investment website: fifighter.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @FI_Fighter

#40: Finance Wand

This website is well organised and has a wide quantity of categories about finance. To achieve financial freedom is possible and this blog covers debt, credit cards, budgeting, insurance, mortgage… Also, you can find good infographics with diverse tips.investment website

Website Tagline: Finance blog
Investment Subjects: Financial freedom, personal finance, saving
Investment website: financewand.com
Author: Jonny
Twitter: @jonnyswand

#41: Financial Highway

This blog has several writers and its goal is to educate people to have a knowledge of finance. They talk about several issues like investing, frugality… In general, they explain clearly and easily how you can plan and be responsible with money.investment website

Website Tagline: Finance education for the regular people
Investment Subjects: Financial education, taxes, retirement, savings
Investment website: financialhighway.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: None

#42: Financial Mentor

I don’t quite know if ¬†could categorise The Financial Mentor website as a blog, nevertheless, the website offers¬†some great free¬†stuff, that I really like.

Among other you could try the “Millionaire Calculator” and 79 other calculators. Go directly to the calculators, click here.

As many other bloggers, he offers a “Start here” section with a lot of content for new visitors to start with.investment website

Website Tagline: Financial Freedom for Smart People
Investment Subjects: Investing, Retiring early, Mortgages
Investment website: FinancialMentor.com
Author: Todd R. Tresidder
Twitter: @financialmentor

#43: Financial Samurai

More than 1.000.000 readers visit his blog every month. And ever since the financial crisis more than 20.000.000 people has visited The Financial  Samurais blog. This has to be a described as a well-known blog.

The blog is written by former corporate MBA educated investment employee, who after 2012 has been earning a full time living from his blog, his investments and his e-book by the same name, and his book “How To Engineer Your Layoff”.

One of the most popular blog posts is “How Much Money Do The Top Income Earners Make?” with more than 1.240 comments. Where he among other things shows us that the¬†top 1% in the united states 2014 made $380,354.investment website

Website Tagline: Slicing Through Money’s Mysteries
Investment Subjects: Blogging, Personal finances, Investments, Early retirement
Investment website: FinancialSamurai.com
Author: Sam Dogan
Twitter: @financialsamura

#44: Financial Tales

The book ‘Financial Tales’ and the name of the website are named like that because the writers believe that relating to a story is easy to understand and explain finances. Depending on how much risk you want to have and what kind of strategy you want to follow then you can decide where to invest.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Finance, retirement
Investment website: financialtales.com
Author: Carlos Sera
Twitter: @FinancialTales

#45: Financial Uproar

Writing in a friendly way this website is about how to invest better and save more. He has some articles where he explains patiently about how to earn money with blogs like he is doing. Other articles are more focus on stocks but either way, everyone can understand even the most complicated moves about stocks.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finances
Investment Subjects: Investments, blogging
Investment website: financialuproar.com
Author: Nelson
Twitter: @financialuproar

#46: Fitz Villafuerte

He wants to inspire other people to reach their goals and be financially free. He is trying to reach that level, right now he works from home so he has more time for himself and he is investing so he is increasing his passive income. In the website, you can find articles about investing, how to do it and retirement. Giving advice for everyone in a clear way.investment website

Website Tagline: Financial freedom
Investment Subjects: Financial independence, personal finance
Investment website: fitzvillafuerte.com
Author: Fitz Villafuerte
Twitter: @brodfitz

#47: Free Money Wisdom

This website helps you with your personal finances (how and where you can start investing) and it is clearly explained. The author gives some choices on how and where you can start investing. Jon added some list such as best banks and best brokers. He also offers and e-course with the steps required to have financial freedom at the time when you retire.investment website

Website Tagline: Investing for amateurs
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, blogging, investment
Investment website: freemoneywisdom.com
Author: Jon the Saver
Twitter: @freemoneywisdom

#48: Freedom Thirty Five Blog

The goal is to reach financial freedom by age 35. Investing is the way of doing it, the writer uses real estate, REIT, stock and Farmland. In addition, the writer also shows in the website best ways of investing. The articles are well written so every person can be able to understand and try to start investing. The author of the blog also tells you that debt is not bad if it is used properly.investment website

Website Tagline: Financial independence
Investment Subjects: Financial freedom, personal finance, debt
Investment website: freedomthirtyfiveblog.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @Liquid_f35

#49: Frugal Rules

This website is about reducing your debt, saving and invest in order to achieve financial freedom. The writers give some advice to reach freedom and use frugality as a way of living. The blog focuses on every stage of your life and helps you visualise what you need to do to have a retirement and in general, how to use your money wisely.investment website

Website Tagline: To pursue a wasteless life
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, blogging, saving, investment, retirement
Investment website: frugalrules.com
Author: John and many different people
Twitter: @FrugalRules

#50: GenXFinance

This website explains with the author’s experiences the different aspects of investments on a daily life in order to reach your goals. His writing skills are very nice and his story is very interesting and you can learn a lot of reading his story. He gets you think of the right perspectives then you should create your fortune.investment website

Website Tagline: Tips for a good personal finance and get maximise profit
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, blogging
Investment website: genxfinance.com
Author: KC Beavers
Twitter: @kcbeavers

#51: Get Rich Slowly

This website has won the award for Best blog by ‘Times Magazine’. This blog covers different categories such as savings accounts, CD rates, mortgage, credit cards, insurance, career and education. They also have a forum so everyone can write their doubts or just sharing information. The 10 years old website is focused on everyone who needs advice and it is written in a friendly and easy way.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, saving,
Investment website: getrichslowly.org/blog/
Author: Many different people
Twitter: @GetRichSlowly

#52: Getting Your Financial Ducks In A Row

Written by a registered financial planner, Jim advice on how to get your income tax straight.

The author of the blog has also written two books, A Social Security Owner’s Manual and An IRA Owner’s Manualinvestment website

Website Tagline: Independent financial advice: IRA, Social Security, income tax, and all things financial
Investment Subjects: IRA, Tax, Financial Advise
Investment website: FinancialDucksInARow.com
Author: Jim Blankenship
Twitter: @financialducks

#53: Good Financial Cents

Jeff Rose seems to be a mixture between life coach and financial advisor. Like many other bloggers, he is also a Certified Financial Planner. In USA must really mean something ūüôā

I like his website because of his writing style. He doesn’t use big words and one of his most popular blog posts is “7 Financial Advisors I Would Like to Punch in the Face”.

Besides the blog, Jeff has also written a book and more than 35.000 subscribers to his “community”, which I think is his newsletter.investment website

Website Tagline: Making “cents” of your financial life
Investment Subjects: Personal Finances, Investing
Investment website: GoodFinancialCents.com
Author: Jeff Rose
Twitter: @jjeffrose

#54: Hope To Prosper

The author always writes a conclusion in all of his articles and a quote from someone relevant, making the reading quite easy and entertaining. Bret explains his thoughts about financial news in the world, financial tools, encouraging people to invest.investment website

Website Tagline: Take control of your finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, retirement, blogging
Investment website: hopetoprosper.com
Author: Bret
Twitter: @HopeToProsper

#55: How Important Is Your Finance

Tips for investors and small businesses. Taking care of your budget, insurance and even life insurance are some of the topics of this website. What it is very interesting is the advice on legal funding, something that is very important and not everyone mentions it. In addition, I like that the site is so simple and foreseeable.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, business
Investment website: howimportantisyourfinance.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: None

#56: I Am 1 Percent

Edwin wants you to be in the top 1% income earners. This well design website is divided into several categories such as credit cards, careers, real estate, spending and wealth. Edwin gives you strategies to manage your money. In addition, he explains how to earn money writing blogs  as he is doing right now.investment website

Website Tagline: Getting close to the top
Investment Subjects: Blogging, investing
Investment website: iam1percent.com
Author: Edwin C
Twitter: @Iam1percentblog

#57: Intelligent Speculator

The writer gives information in detail and concise using charts and a clean language although the information that the author describes needs a base knowledge about markets. If you are interested in dividend investing and stocks, this website explains everything, how to start a portfolio with almost no money and keeps you updated about the markets.investment website

Website Tagline: What to consider before investing
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, stocks, dividends, investing
Investment website: intelligentspeculator.net
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @intelligentspec

#58: Invest It Wisely

For the writers of this website, the core of this blog is to have a good balance between health and wealth. Their goal is to maximise your life expectation making the right choices and they give you some tools to do so. The articles are focused for everyone and they are written in a simple and nice way.investment website

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, investment
Investment website: investitwisely.com
Author: Mich and Kevin
Twitter: @InvestItWisely

#59: Investor Junkie

This not really a big blog with loads of content dating back from years ago. But Larry has a cool guide “Getting started investing”, with 9 steps he thinks you should take before starting investing.

After reading the steps you can signup to his newsletter to get more info. I don’t receive his newsletter so I can’t really tell if it’s good, but I think so.investment website

Website Tagline: none
Investment Subjects: Personal finances.
Investment website: InvestorJunkie.com
Author: Larry Ludwig
Twitter: @InvestorJunkie

#60: Kitces

Written by Certified Financial Planner Michael Kitces. Michael speaks at 50-70 conferences a year and his blog has about 150.000 unique visitors each month.

Michael also has a members section with more than 1.000 paying members. His member fee starts at $5 a month and goes up to $349 per year.

His most popular blog posts is “10 Tips For New Financial Planners To Maximise Career Progression” and”The 12 Best Conferences For Financial Advisors To Choose From In 2016″.investment website

Website Tagline: Nerds eye view at kitces.com
Investment Subjects: Investments, Insurances, Debts, Personal finances.
Investment website: Kitces.com
Author: Michael Kitces
Twitter: @MichaelKitces

#61: Learn Bonds

This simple but clear website gives you information about the latest news in several areas such as automotive, energy and healthcare. Different issues are explained for professionals to the investor. When you have to think about investing, you need to know the industry you’re playing and this blog will help you do that. There are also a diverse number of investments guides and information about the stock market.

Website Tagline: Investments, industries, financial markets
Investment Subjects: Income investing news, bonds and stocks
Investment website: learnbonds.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: @LearnBonds

#62: Life And A Budget

Latoya has a debt to get rid of, so this website will describe her journey to be debt free. She wants everyone to prevent making the same mistakes than her. This blog is very well organised and plenty of articles to read. You can find issues such as budget, life, savings and credit. She also uploads her goals for the month-year,  her income report and articles to teach you to have control of your finances.

Website Tagline: Having a budget doesn’t mean not having a life
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, blogging, budgets
Investment website: lifeandabudget.com
Author: Latoya Scott
Twitter: @lifeandabudget

#63: Mad Fientist

Are you looking for financial freedom? You can be retired even earlier with this website. Studying and analysing different personal finance websites, he got strategies and tactics to reach your objectives. To motivate yourself you can also find podcasts of the writer interviewing people who already reached financial independence. In addition, the author has been published in ‘Forbes’ and ‘Business Insider’. He writes very clear and concise so everyone can understand and he also shows you tools to help you analyse your financial situation.

Website Tagline: Financial independence
Investment Subjects: Investments, personal finance
Investment website: madfientist.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @madfientist

#64: Magical Penny

Adam divided his website into several categories writing articles in an easy way to understand the content. The point is to save and use money wisely, learn how to grow every cent in order to live a full life. In addition, investing seems easier since he gives you definitions and explains the big diversity of kinds of investments.

Website Tagline: Intelligent strategies to grow
Investment Subjects: Financial management, financial freedom, personal finance, saving
Investment website: magicalpenny.com 
Author: Adam Piplica
Twitter: @Magicalpenny

#65: Making Sense Of Cents

She paid her student loan thanks to an income over $20,000 per month online and received several awards for this website. Her blog is well divided by categories (credit cards, debt reduction, real estate, self-employment and other) and she also adds posts about her personal life regarding financial issues.

Website Tagline: How to reduce your debt, save and enjoy life with less
Investment Subjects: Blogging, personal finance, retirement, saving
Investment website: makingsenseofcents.com
Author: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner
Twitter: @SenseofCents

#66: Million Dollar Journey

Frugal Trader has written together with more bloggers and online publishers the book ‚ÄėThe Beginner’s Guide to Saving & Investing for Canadians‚Äô and he is also has been recognized by some of the famous newspapers in Canada. This website explains clearly and accurate to the reader how to create passive income and how to reach financial freedom for the average person.

I especially like how he has divided his website, so it is very easy to find the right articles when you shall start your own investment journey.

Website Tagline: Financial journey on how to reach 1$ million in net worth
Investment Subjects: Personal finance and investing, taxes, passive income
Investment website: milliondollarjourney.com
Author: Frugal Trader
Twitter: @FrugalTrader

#67: Millionaire Educator

Here you can see the personal finance of Ed and his goals. You also can find several podcast interviews. Checking the tables he updates quite often, it is very easy to understand how he does it and easy to understand it so you can learn from it. Ed also adds in the website articles to help families to save money and try a frugal life.

Website Tagline: Financial independence
Investment Subjects: Investments, frugality, saving, personal finance
Investment website: millionaireeducator.com
Author: Ed Mills
Twitter: @Ed_Mills_

#68: Mister Hawkes

He has three categories such as hustle (career), life and money (debt and investing). His website is new, very easy, user-friendly and the articles are written in an informal and clear way. His financial life is going in the right direction although he has debts that he needs to get rid of. This blog will follow his evolution.

Website Tagline: Financial independence
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, financial freedom, blogging
Investment website: misterhawkes.com 
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: None

#69: Monevator

This website written by two anonymous people have several categories, for example, about earnings and investments. In order to help the personal investors to increase savings while being patient and living life. Controlling your pocket will make you achieve financial independence.

A good thing is that the authors write about both the earnings and the risk there are when you are investing your money.

Website Tagline: How to keep a good balance between life and saving
Investment Subjects: IRA, investments, passive income
Investment website: monevator.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @Monevator

#70: Money Bacon

He became debt free and decided to share his budget and give some support for the people who are trying to reach their goal. It is difficult to keep being debt free and if you need to have a new small or big debt, it is not the end of the world. Just keep track of your budget and keep with your goal. You also can see the monthly budget with a description and comments of the writer.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, saving
Investment website: moneybacon.com/money
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @MoneyBaconGuy

#71: Money Infant

For all the people who hasn’t start to invest yet, this is the website you are looking for. He analyses markets, stocks so you can understand better and not be afraid to make the first move.

Website Tagline: Investing for beginners
Investment Subjects: Personal finance
Investment website: moneyinfant.com
Author: Steve Walters
Twitter: @MoneyInfant

#72: Money Saving Expert

This website has won several awards and it focuses on helping you to save money and give financial education for everyone who is interested. You can find articles about guides of how to buy ISAs (economical help when you are going to buy your fist house), student loans and tips so you are not cheated as a consumer.

Website Tagline: Personal finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, saving, investment
Investment website: moneysavingexpert.com
Author: Martin Lewis
Twitter: @MartinSLewis

#73: Money Smart Guides

He has a degree¬†in Financial planning and had some debt problems. However, he managed to be debt free. After this experience, the writer decided to help every person that doesn’t have a good idea about personal finance. One of the biggest stress in people’s life is money, but that will change with all the information that it is shared on the website.

Website Tagline: Teaching how to invest
Investment Subjects: Investing, blogging
Investment website: moneysmartguides.com
Author: Joh Dulin
Twitter: @MoneySma

#74: Money Smarts Blog

Tips on how to save money, how to improve your quality of life without spending a lot, that is what Mike describes in this website. He also helps you how to invest, even he has an article explaining step by step of how to invest in ETF or stock. He uses a simple approach to a not that simple activity.

Website Tagline: Everyone can invest
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, blogging
Investment website: moneysmartsblog.com
Author: Mike Holman
Twitter: None

#75: MoneyNing

This website is very American but you can still use many of their blog posts because the blog posts often explain why you should care about your money, so you can live your life without having the money to live it like you want.

The website also have some nice posts about for example mortgage and how you should buy you tickets to the ballpark.

Website Tagline: A personal finance blog where we share insights on carefully saving money, investing, frugal living, coupons, promo codes because the little things matter in achieving financial freedom!
Investment Subjects: Money saving and investments
Investment website: MoneyNing.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: @MoneyNing

#76: Mr Everyday Dollar

Financially independent at his 35. You can find on his website a guide to¬†start how to invest in stocks so you can become wealthy. The articles are written in a friendly and concise way so even if you don’t¬†have a background knowledge about finances or taxes, Chris will explain every topic that you should pay attention so you don’t make mistakes because of ignorance.

Website Tagline: Everyone can get rich
Investment Subjects: Financial freedom, retirement
Investment website: mreverydaydollar.com
Author: Chris Reining
Twitter: @ChrisJReining

#77: My Financial Journey

On this website, you can see how the retirement¬†nest egg¬†of the writer increases over time. The author describes his or her personal finance and gives the best and worsts stocks. ¬†In order to understand easily all the data that the writer gives, it is important that the reader knows about investments, stocks…

Website Tagline: Personal finance
Investment Subjects: Blogging, investment, retirement, stocks
Investment website: myfinancialjourney.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: None

#78: My Investing Blog

Everyone can invest and he believes that is better to do it yourself. ¬†With ‘My investing blog’, you’ll find tips for a frugal life, how to keep a budget, credit cards and more. ¬†Hank also links you with other bloggers so you can improve your finances.

Website Tagline: Investing isn’t for the elite; anyone can do it
Investment Subjects: 401k, investments, personal finance
Investment website: myinvestingblog.com
Author: Hank
Twitter: @hank_MiB

#79: My Money Blog

This website comes with some very good points on how you should think of money and how to use it.

The website is divided on five categories: Early retirement, Investing guide, Money saving tips, Credit card rewards and Advertising disclosure.

The four first categories are where he explain how you shall think when you spend your money, or rather what you should do with your money instead of using it.

Early retirement

This is a section where Janathan has made a guide to how you should handle the money you earn, so you can get an early retirement. The guide is in development, so if you are interested in an early retirement, it could be good for you to follow his posts.

Investing guide

In the investing guide, he makes some points that are¬†worth knowing when you start investing. Furthermore, he explains the risk vs return of an investment very good and why you shouldn’t invest money you need for living.

Money saving tips

In this section, he has divided it on several categories: Housing, Transportation/Cars, Food and Cellular & Landline Phone Service.

In these sections, he gets you thinking of how you should spend your money and in what way to have control¬†over your economy. The most important is that you know what you need and don’t overbuy. For example, buy a very big house even though you are alone or by a very big car without the need for it.

Credit card rewards

In this section, he explains how to use credit cards, so you don’t get a debt by using credit cards but saving money.

Website Tagline: None
Investment Subjects: Early retirement, Investing, Money saving
Investment website: MyMoneyBlog.com
Author: Jonathan
Twitter: @mymoneyblog

#80: My Personal Finance Journey

Here Jacob teaches how to start to have a plan and strategy for your investments. With an understandable style, this blog will help the average person to know about insurance, taxes… He wants to share all the knowledge he has about finance Рhe is doing Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. He provides forums where everyone can participate in order to reach your financial dreams.

I really like that he has the section “First Time Visitor?” because it makes it very easy to know where to start reading which is very nice for beginners.

Website Tagline: Guide to plan a strategy for your personal finances
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, investments, asset management
Investment website: mypersonalfinancejourney.com
Author: Jacob
Twitter: @MyPFJourney

#81: NerdWallet

I really like this investment website because the authors do the articles very easy to understand.

Furthermore the importen information is highlighted in a way that is easy to find.

For example their blog post about the best online brokers for stock trading in 2016. They compare the two best brokers to what you need.

Maybe you need the best online broker for beginners, you just find the headline with online brokers for beginners and decide the best for you.

And as mentioned before it is very easy to see they key factors for the brokers, for example the commission costs.

Tagline: None
Investment Subjects: Comparing financial selutions, like credit cards and brokers
Investment website: nerdwallet.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: @NerdWallet

#82: Novel Investor

This simple but clear website is well written and well organised. The category ‘Tools’ explains every tool that the writer thinks is interesting to increase productivity, to¬†know about taxes, about brokers, robo-advisors and some other websites to keep you update. Sharing knowledge with an honest writing,¬†the articles are introduced by quotes of big investors such as Buffet and Seth Klarman and afterwards there are links of articles related to the issue.

Website Tagline: Investing wisdom
Investment Subjects: Investing
Investment website: novelinvestor.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @NovelInvestor

#83: Oblivious Investor

Oblivious investorColorado Licensed Financial Advisor, Mike has been making a living by selling financial books since 2008 and being an independent advisor.

One thing ¬†like about Mikes blog is, for example, his post “8 Simple Portfolios”. In this blog post he gives you an exact and straight forward way to construct a portfolio. And by his own words, with a simple portfolio like that, it is okay to be oblivious to the financial news.

Website Tagline: Simple, Low-maintenance investing
Investment Subjects: Investing, Personal Finance, Stocks, Taxes
Investment website: ObliviousInvestor.com
Author: Mike Piper
Twitter: @michaelrpiper

#84: One Smart Dollar

With every small step, you can increase your net worth. This website has different categories but there is one specifically for personal finance, that fulfils every aspect that everyone should take care when we talk about money, from banking til lifestyle. Retirement is also a topic they talk about and for example one of their post was about how to build a dividend growth portfolio that grows when you’re retired. In addition, they also keep you updated with the latest news about economics and investments.

Website Tagline: Every dollar counts
Investment Subjects: Personal investment
Investment website: onesmartdollar.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: @OneSmartDollar

#85: Peridot Capitalist

This is really not a blog and maybe it is wrong from me to put it on this list. But there is a good reason why ¬†have this blog on the list and that is because he makes some nice posts on twitter. Therefore,¬†i think it is in its right place to give the “blog” a place on this list.

Website Tagline: Capital management
Investment Subjects: Investment advising – It’s company
Investment website: Peridotcapital.com 
Author: Chad Brand
Twitter: @peridotcapital

#86: PF Advice

In everyday life, finances are an important issue for every person. In this website, you can see different categories written by different people but with something in common: the goal is to help saving money and to understand that keeping a healthy finance is important for a healthy life.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, saving, blogging
Investment website: pfadvice.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: None

#87: Planting Money Seeds

She has won the 3rd Annual Plutus Awards (personal finance online community) and has been mentioned by many different media. Miranda divides her website into three different areas: finance (funding), investing and home business. She easily explains how to invest wisely to reach your goals – having priorities. Miranda also supports that by doing your taxes you can be aware and learn your financial situation.

Website Tagline: Reach your goals managing well your wealth
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, work from home, investment
Investment website: plantingmoneyseeds.com
Author: Miranda Marquit
Twitter: @MMarquit

#88: Planting Our Pennies

This couple wants to reach financial freedom but they don’t need a big figure to reach it. The way the invest does not have a high risk. In the website, you can find their income statement and balance sheet for every month. The blog counts with several categories about money, finances and they also have a section for their cat.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finances, retirement, investments
Investment website: plantingourpennies.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: None

#89: Pragmatic Capitalism

He writes to learn and for him is like a therapy. Cullen thinks economics and finance are flawed so he wants to give his point of view and do some good to the world. He will give you a financial education, the one that he couldn’t have. In order to do that, he offers a forum on his website so everyone can give¬†their input. He will show you what kind of investment strategies you can ¬†choose.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, investment
Investment website: pragcap.com
Author: Cullen Roche
Twitter: @cullenroche

#90: Punch Debt In The Face

You can see in this website primarily tips about investing and debt. It is also helpful for the beginners to check the budget so you can learn how to make one. Writing in a friendly way, the articles are easy to read even if it’s about options, Forex trading, retirement. Just a trick to keep a low risk of investing, diversity. The writer also posts about career or how you can save in your daily life.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finances
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, debt, investing
Investment website: punchdebtintheface.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: None

#91: Retire By 40

retire by 40The former engineer Joe retired at 38 and became a full-time blogger/dad and now he lives off his dividend portfolio, rental properties and online income. Retireby40 is a blog about getting out of the rat race and enjoy life.

It looks like Joe is still working on his own, though. So I¬†won’t fully call it retired, but more like earning a living by doing what you want. As he writes on his about page, he considers starting a company already after two years with no day-job, but he won’t go back to corporate jobs.

Like me wanting to do Investment Reports, Joe Udo is also posting a monthly Cash-flow report. Here you can see all Joe’s number, among others that he makes just over $2.000 a month by blogging and hopes to average $2.500 a month.

Cool website.

Website Tagline: None
Investment Subjects: Frugal living, Early retirement, Happiness
Investment website: Retireby40.org
Author: Joe Udo
Twitter: @retirebyforty

#92: Save Invest Give

The writer explains on his website how he or she managed to achieve financial freedom at his or her late 40s. To reach financial freedom, first, you shouldn’t have any debt and your income should continue growing.

In addition, the author describes the importance of not to do – assume everything that is on the personal finance websites is right. Because not always there is a sign telling you that didn’t work. Critical thinking is always necessary for¬†life.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, retirement, financial freedom
Investment website: saveinvestgive.com
Author: S. B.
Twitter: None

#93: Save Spend Splurge

Spending money in things that are necessary to you and important, it is not a waste. It has to match with your lifestyle and priorities but you can forget to live life. She developed a tool so you can get out of your debt faster than ever. You also can check her detailed budget that is updated every month.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, retirement, lifestyle, saving, minimalism
Investment website: savespendsplurge.com
Author: Sherry
Twitter: @saverspender

#94: Saving Advice

This is a quite complete website where you can find information from different authors in different categories such as budgeting, insurance… all of them with the same goal, save money. Also, you can find forums so you can write your doubts or give your input. This blog gives you material to improve your personal savings and investments.

Website Tagline: How to save, make and invest money for everyone
Investment Subjects: Personal finance
Investment website: savingadvice.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: @savingadvice

#95: Saving To Invest

Just like the title says investments and saving are the main points on this website. Investing to retire early and to act clever when you have to choose a mortgage, when you have to do your taxes in time or save in a car insurance. Even this writer shows you a list with some of the best low-cost online brokers for IRA, stocks and options trading.

Website Tagline: Save and invest
Investment Subjects: Investments, 401k, IRA
Investment website: savingtoinvest.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @Saving2Invest

#96: See It Market

Andrew Nyquist the creator of the website has built an organised blog and to improve it he has the contribution of other bloggers. In addition, ‚ÄėSee it Market‚Äô has been mentioned in several media such as ‚ÄėBloomberg‚Äô and ‚ÄėBusiness Insider‚Äô. This website keeps you updated about business, investors.

Website Tagline: Understanding the financial markets
Investment Subjects: Investments, news, stock market
Investment website: seeitmarket.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: @seeitmarket

#97: Seeking Alpha

The main focus¬†of the investing blog: seekingalpha.com is for private investors to help each other to beat the market/ to earn money. For a full experience of the investing blog, you need to register as a user and that means you are forced to get newsletters from the blog. And if you don’t wanna be forced to get newsletters and have a user you cannot read many of the articles which I personally think is very irritating.

Website Tagline: Read, Decide, Invest
Investment Subjects: Market news, stock ideas, dividends, investing strategy
Investment website: Seekingalpha.com
Author: Users of the investing blog
Twitter: @SeekingAlpha

#98: Smart On Money

This website provides you with a list of best mortgages rates, saving rates, CD rates, credit cards. He has a specific category called ‚ÄėInsurance‚Äô for to your car, health, home, life. Even if you‚Äôre looking for a job, when you are ready to buy a house you will find different articles to help you.

Website Tagline: Helping with decisions
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, blogging
Investment website: smartonmoney.com
Author: Christian Midwestern
Twitter: @smartonmoney

#99: Squawkfox

Her website has been voted Canada‚Äôs Top Money Blogger by ‘The Globe and Mail’. The blog focuses on consumers smarts. For example, a wedding, buying groceries, making your own nice and fancy coffees, repairing instead of buying a¬†new product. how to spend in every situation is very important. Kerry also has a book called ‘397 Ways To Save Money’.

Website Tagline: Be aware of every cent
Investment Subjects: Personal investment, budgeting, blogging, saving
Investment website: squawkfox.com
Author: Kerry K. Taylor
Twitter: @squawkfox

#100: Steadfast Finances

This website will give you tips on saving and growing money. In addition, there are also guides of how to invest. The author was tired that all the family and friends were asking about financial tips, so the writer decided to write a blog to share the knowledge. Describing personal experiences, not all the time happy experiences, the writer gives some advice in a friendly but concise way so everyone can be able to understand.

Website Tagline: Investing for everyone
Investment Subjects: Investment, saving, retirement, 401k
Investment website: steadfastfinances.com/blog
Author: CJ
Twitter: @SFFinances

#101: Stefanie Oconnell

She is a successful¬†financial expert, advocate and author of the book ‘The Broke and Beautiful Life’. Her work has been featured in ‘The Wall Street Journal’, ‘Forbes’ and other. She was trying to live the “American dream” and she saw herself in the category of ¬†‘starving artist’. So she started to take care of her money and read about saving and finally about financial freedom. You can find her journey on her website, you also can find articles written for all the young people who want to improve their financial situation.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finances
Investment Subjects: Personal finances, blogging, investment
Investment website: stefanieoconnell.com/blog
Author: Stefanie O’Connell
Twitter: @stefanieoconnel

#102: Step Away From The Mall

This website is targeted to any family or person, sometimes it has special attention to low-income people. Nick explains his articles very clearly, for example, what is forex and commodities trading. Saving little by little is better than nothing. In addition, Nick also thinks networking can also help to know other kinds of strategies that other people are using to improve their finance.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, investment
Investment website: stepawayfromthemall.com
Author: Nick
Twitter: @saftmblog

#103: Stumble Forward

This easy and clean website shows you how to improve with your business using articles as any blog but also with podcasts, charts and tutorials. Managing your credit cards and your debt are also some issues he brings up.

Website Tagline: Avoiding costly financial mistakes
Investment Subjects: Investments, business
Investment website: stumbleforward.com
Author: Chris Holdheide
Twitter: @StumbleForward

#104: Sure Dividend

Following the link, you will find an archive of quality blog posts about investing in stocks with dividends. Among other articles, you should read “The 8 Rules of Dividend Investing”.

Website Tagline: none
Investment Subjects: Dividends, Investing
Investment website: SureDividend.com
Author: Ben Reynolds
Twitter: None

#105: The Cash Lifestyle

Improving your lifestyle and finances giving tips such as what you should think when you want to buy a house and how to control your expenses. The writer also focuses on the importance of having a budget for the year. The articles are written in a clear way so everyone can enjoy an entertaining reading.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, investing, saving, blogging
Investment website: thecashlifestyle.com 
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: None

#106: The College Investor

The College Investor

With more than 1.200 blog posts about personal finances and escaping student loans.

The College Investor is one of the most popular websites about getting out of debt faster.

The blog is mostly relevant for American Students, and ex-students. But has some good articles about saving in general too.

Website Tagline: Investing & Personal finance for millennial
Investment Subjects: Getting out of debt, Student Loans, Saving Money, Earning more money
Investment website: TheCollegeInvestor.com
Author: Robert Farrington
Twitter: @CollegeInvestin

#107: The Dividend Guy Blog

It is no secret that this is a blog about finding stocks with dividends as good as possible. Mike didn’t start the blog but actually¬†bought it and build it even bigger.

Some of his most popular posts are “Ultimate guide to finding double-digit dividend growth stocks” and “How to build a 6 figure income dividend portfolio”.

Website Tagline: None
Investment Subjects: Stocks, Dividends
Investment website: TheDividendGuyBlog.com
Author: Mike
Twitter: None

#108: The Finance Buff

The author of ‚ÄėExplore TIPS: A Practical Guide to Investing in Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities‚Äô. Harry explains that he is trying to retire at his 40s. And on this website using his experiences and knowledge he describes how to prepare your finance, being aware of your mortgage, health insurance and life insurance in order to achieve the goal. His articles are easy to read, concise and fluent.

Website Tagline: How to invest and save money for your retirement
Investments Subjects: Investing, saving for retirement
Investment website: thefinancebuff.com
Author: Harry Sit
Twitter: @TheFinanceBuff

#109: The iBanker

The writer os this website has a book, guides and courses that allow him to work whatever he wants. Being honest is one of the virtues of this writer, also being clear while explaining his or her personal experience makes a big difference cause you can introduce yourself in the story and learn about it.

Website Tagline: Blogging about banking systems
Investment Subjects: Investment banking
Investment website: theibanker.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @Theibanker

#110: The International Finance

The website is divided into several categories such as finance, mortgage, law, taxes and loan. How to spend money buying a car, how to have a frugal life and about taxes. This is a general blog that tries to manage several issues to help average people.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, retirement, insurance
Investment website: theinternationalfinance.com
Author: Jimmy Simond
Twitter: @JimmySimond

#111: The Reformed Broker

The author of the blog is the CEO of the financial advisory company called Ritholtz Wealth Management.

With more than a thousand blog posts since 2008, Joshua has been covering all financial issues. And in 2015 Joshua was named top 40 under 40 of the top Financial Advisors.

Website Tagline: none
Investment Subjects: Markets, Politics and Economics
Investment website: TheReformedBroker.com
Author: Joshua M. Brown
Twitter: @reformedbroker

#112: The Simple Dollar

This website gives you some very good tips of what you should think of and do with your private economy. I would say this is a very good blog because it makes you think how much money you waste on unnecessary stuff and when you stop wasting money it gets much easier to save money and in a way earn more money.

I will strongly recommend all that are considering start investing to read this website plus the good investment books. You can find the books here.

Website Tagline: None
Investment Subjects: How you handle your private economy right
Investment website: TheSimpleDollar.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: None

#113: The White Coat Investor

the white coat investorThis blog is¬†actually written by a full-time board-certified physician, who doesn’t work with money daily. He started the blog as a part of his own journey to financial knowledge after being ripped off by some professionals.

Thousands of people join in to read what James has to say. And with just under a thousand entries, here is a lot of history. James has been smart and has made a “Start here” section for new readers. Including blog posts as: “Top 7 Financial Mistakes Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them”, “Financial Tips For Pre-Meds and Med Students”¬†& “Doctors Need To Budget Too”.

I would think that James blog is really great if you are a med-student, doctor or in the same field.

Website Tagline: none
Investment Subjects: Personal financial advice, Medical related financials
Investment website: WhiteCoatInvestor.com
Author: James M. Dahle, MD
Twitter: @WCInvestor

#114: Value Investing World

Joe Koster website studies different authors to understand the stock market, the importance of keeping reports and evaluate them to know when to invest. In addition, this blog will keep you updated with the latest material with a value investing ideas.

Website Tagline: Quotes of authors to understand the world of investments
Investment Subjects: Investing and economic material
Investment website: valueinvestingworld.com
Author: Joe Koster
Twitter: @jtkoster

#115: Value Walk

Maybe it is wrong of me to put this site on a blogging list because it is an investing news website. But the website is also a platform where you can find inspiration and knowledge of known and big investors, for example, Warren Buffet and Seth Klarman.

The website is well divided

The website has a rolling breaking news bar where you can see what’s going on right now in the different markets. If you want to catch up and need to read some older articles than the one they have in the breaking news bar, the website has a section called ‘business’ where all the older articles are placed. Furthermore, they have a section called videos where they have video clips from, for example, Bloomberg and CNBC where they have some investors talking about something according to investing.

The website also have a section called value investing. In this section is it more about specific tips and analysis of stocks, markets and etc. In the value investing sections they are using a lot of videos, that means that you will find a lot of the same content if you go in both sections for information.

At the bottom of the website, they have divided all articles up in these four categories: Technology, Politics, Science and Stocks. I really like this feature because if you are looking for news from one of these subjects, it is very easy for you to find the information you are looking for.

One more thing i really like about this website is their list of books. They have even ask some of the very big investors and business men, what books they would recommend to grow their recommended book list.

Website Tagline: none
Investment Subjects: Investing news
Investment website: ValueWalk.com
Author: many different writers and guest posts
Twitter: @valuewalk

#116: Weakonomics

This is a simple website where you can find articles with topics such as business and interest rates between other. The articles are written to entertain everyone and in a friendly way. In addition, the author adds charts so it can be easier to understand not very simple issues.

Weabsite Tagline: Blogging about finances
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, economics, investment
Investment website: weakonomics.com
Author: Can’t tell
Twitter: @The_Weakonomist

#117: Wealthy Turtle

Using his experience of almost eliminate all his debt, this website shows all the knowledge that he got and the goal is to achieve a financial freedom. First, it is important to save expenses so you can have more to invest. In this blog, you can find different financial issues and Mike uses a plain language so everyone can be able to invest and have a good life without headaches.

Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Investing, getting out of debt
Investment website: wealthyturtle.com
Author: Mike Collins
Twitter: @WealthyTurtle

#118: Wexboy WordPress

On this website, you can find analysis of the markets: stocks, dividends. In addition, the author explains with accurate detailed information the situation of all the stocks, for example, this year of some Irish companies. Analysing the markets requires knowledge and in this case, the reader also needs a knowledge in order to get involved in all the interesting articles.

Website Tagline: Analysing stocks
Investment Subjects: Investments, stocks
Investment website: wexboy.wordpress.com
Author:¬†Can’t tell
Twitter: @Wexboy_Value


#119: Where Does All My Money Go

Preet is a member of the Board of Directors for FAIR Canada (Foundation for Advancement of Investor Rights) in 2014 and he even did a Ted Talk. He has some podcast about business, news about stocks and dividends. He wants to help everyone to have a good finance and that is the reason why he writes books like ‚ÄėStop over-thinking your money‚Äô.

Website Tagline: Motivation to invest
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, investments
Investment website: wheredoesallmymoneygo.com
Author: Preet Banerjee
Twitter: @preetbanerjee

#120: Your Finance Formulas

This website helps everyone to keep a healthy personal finance and to increase your wealth. Kenneth talks about mortgages, ways of saving on home entertainment, how to start your retirement savings. The articles are ver clear to read so you can start following his advice easily.

Website Tagline: Blogging about finance
Investment Subjects: Personal finance, budgeting, investing
Investment website: yourfinanceformulas.com
Author: Kenneth
Twitter: @KennethParker9

#121: Your Smart Money Moves

Helping average people. This website lead by Ted Jenkin (financial advisor for many years) even has his own financial radio show. Having 32.4k followers on Twitter this blog brings out lots of ideas and tips to manage your income, savings, taxes for the average people.

Website Tagline: Financial blogging for everyone
Investment Subjects: Blogging, investments
Investment website: yoursmartmoneymoves.com
Author: Many different people
Twitter: @oXYGenFinancial

#122: Zero Hedge

Maybe it is wrong of me to put this as a blog since this is more of a news site, I think. But one cool thing about Zero Hedge is that you can actually get to be a contributor at the site.

So are you thinking about blogging in finance, this could be a platform to do it on if you want to get instant traffic on your blog. Zero hedge has a Global Alexa-rank of approx. 2.100. Which means that the website-ranking service “Alexa” only regards about 2.100 sites in the world higher ranked than this.

As you meet the website. The first page contains 15 posts. All posted within the latest 24 hours and actually by the same blogger under the alias Tyler Durden, together those 15 posts have collectively more than 500.000 reads and 2.000 comments.

So it is fair to say that this site is very active.

Website Tagline: On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for anyone drops to zero
Investment Subjects: Everything in finance
Investment website: ZeroHedge.com
Author: Many different authors
Twitter: None